December 19, 2016

One tends to think that life is made up of important steps we take with every passing year: that might be the birth of a child, achieving a personal or professional goal, the beginning or the end of something. But there are others who reckon life is more to do with actually waiting for these key moments. It’s definitely true that when you are waiting for something, time seems to stand still. But the reality is that, if you look back, you will realise that time has really flown by.

For us, 2016 was like that. It was the longest season on record, with 21 races around the world, but the season went by very quickly, with our eleventh year competing in the Formula 1 World Championship now done and dusted. Now we are all focused on 2017. Our twelfth season in this sport we all love, coincides with the arrival of fundamental changes to the rules, which will throw up new challenges and produce new tales to tell over the course of next year. That's why we decided to leave 2016 and to step into 2017 with you, our fans. In fact, it's for you we go racing, taking on the other teams, for you that our drivers take to the track in our cars, at race tracks all around the world.

We share your passion and to this end, we have collated your best posts and tweets, be they funny or creative, or were posted in rejoicing mood after some of our best moments, or ones offering words of encouragement during the difficult times. Yes, we spent all of 2016 together and now we're all set to do the same again in 2017. Therefore let's end 2016 and look forward to 2017 with a "best of" from our #STRwall.

Thanks to all of you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!