Factory Tour 360

For anyone who loves cars, the headquarters of a Formula 1 Team is almost like a place of worship. But for obvious reasons, not everyone gets the opportunity to visit one. However, we are so proud of our Faenza factory that we have decided to open our doors in the virtual sense, so that you can experience a Scuderia Toro Rosso factory tour from the comfort of your own home!

This is the section where you can find out just what goes on down the corridors of our base in Faenza, in the Romagna area of Italy. Our new facility was opened in 2015 and it’s here that the Toro Rosso cars that take part in the F1 World Championship are brought to life. Snoop around at your own pace, going from one department to another, you can watch every stage of the creation of the cars, from their design all the way through to their assembly.

Behind the scenes

In this virtual factory tour, you will find out everything about the life of the team, from planning race strategy to the manufacture of the tiniest little part. It’s a constant cycle of development aimed at making our cars perform ever better and quicker. During the year, the research and development work carried out by the men and women of Scuderia Toro Rosso is vital in order to deliver improvements on track. With this virtual tour, you can find out just what goes on behind the scenes.

How it works

It’s child’s play: click on the red icons if you want to experience the full Toro Rosso factory tour, following the entire production process, or opt for the blue icons to move freely from the south wing to the north wing, passing through the production departments on the ground floor and the first floor to the offices and the area given over to car assembly, which is on the second floor.

For the best viewing experience on your mobile or tablet, open the tour in a new window.

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