F1 2019 Season

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The Formula 1 2019 World Championship is the pinnacle of world motorsport, a series that features the most cutting edge technology and performance on four wheels.

Scuderia Toro Rosso has been on the grid since 2006 and tackles the 2019 season with Honda supplying its power unit for for the second year running, this year fitted to the STR14. There’s a new driver line-up: Daniil Kvyat  who was born in Ufa, Russia in 1994, but grew up in Rome and Alexander Albon, born in London in 1996 with Anglo-Thai nationality.


The rule changes

The technical regulations remain largely the same as in 2018, but there are a few big changes on the aerodynamic side. For example, the car’s wings have been simplified to reduce turbulence generated behind the cars, which should allow closer racing, even in the fast corners.

The front wing has a simpler profile, with fewer elements, while the rear will have a higher flap.


The 2019 F1 Tyres: new from Pirelli

Following discussions with FIA and Formula 1, this year, Pirelli has simplified its tyre range and its markings. There are now five compounds, identified with markings from C1 for the hardest, to C5 for the softest.

But F1 fans won’t have to worry about letters and numbers: the cars will always run tyres with three different compounds and colours. The colours remain the same at every race, but the compounds can vary according to the track.

The hardest of the three will feature white bands, the medium compound will be yellow and the soft will be distinguished by a red band.


2019 F1 Season Calendar

For the third time in its history, the Formula 1 World Championship will be held over 21 rounds: 11 Grands Prix will take place in Europe, 5 in Asia, 4 in America and 1 in Australia. In fact the 2019 F1 season gets underway in Melbourne, with the Grand Prix taking place on 17th March.

This year features a special landmark event, when the Chinese GP will be the 1000th race in the history of this sport. That’s something to celebrate! The long season ends on 1st December in Abu Dhabi.

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