A record year

Even before the season started, we had an inkling it could be a good one for us. And what a long season it was, running into December for the first time in around 60 years. The end of the season and indeed the year, is a good time to look back and summarise our achievements. We’ve put together some statistics that spell out one fact very clearly – it really was a record year for us.

2019 F1 season 2019 by Scuderia Toro Rosso

  • We finished sixth in the Constructors’ classification, our best ever result in the hybrid era, which began in 2014 and we also scored more points, actually totalling 85.
  • That equals our score from 2008, an exceptionally important year for us, when, starting from pole position, we won the Italian Grand Prix with Sebastian Vettel. It was our only podium finish that year, but this season we went one better on that front, with Daniil Kvyat finishing third in Germany and Pierre Gasly coming second in Brazil.
  • If we continue to take 2008 as the benchmark, that year we finished in the top ten 13 times, out of a possible 36 across both cars over the total of 18 rounds. Our top ten hit rate was 36.11%. This year the stats show 20 top ten finishes out of a possible 42, for a percentage of 47.61.
  • Back in 2008, only the top eight finishers scored points, but from 2010 onwards it went up to include the top ten. If we assign current points to the 2008 top ten, we would have scored 107 and that’s our only record we haven’t managed to beat, although it’s on our job list!
  • When it comes to points, with the ones scored at YasMarina last Sunday our total over our 14 years in the sport from 2006 to 2019, has reached 500.
  • This year we scored points 15 times, so in 71% of cases, which is better than in 2018 and even 2008, when the percentage was 61.
  • Our Power Unit supplier’s contribution played a vital role. Honda was the only PU supplier not to suffer a failure in a race, if we only take into account retirements caused by technical problems for all teams – in other words not considering accidents. It meant that, along with Mercedes, we had the best reliability of any team on the grid.
  • In 2008 we finished 69% of the race and this year we made a big step forward to 88%, making it our most reliable season ever.
  • Reliability also played its part in testing: by the end of the first day of the final Abu Dhabi test, we had exceeded last year’s distance record, covering a total of 39,700 kilometres, a thousand more than in 2018. By the end of the second day we had completed a distance practically equivalent to one trip around the circumference of the globe!