2018 F1 races: New start times

2018 F1 races: New start times

March 13, 2018

How many times have you gulped down your Sunday lunch before crashing out in front of the TV to watch the start of a Grand Prix? Well, from now on, you can take your time, as the start times of the F1 Grands Prix have all been put back a bit.

Here is a complete list of the new schedule for the Formula 1 weekends, all in local time:

The results of a recent survey of fans from all around the world revealed that starting the races one hour later than usual would suit TV viewers. Therefore, Formula 1, who are really paying attention to what the public wants, has decided to delay the race starts. And the same applies to the free practice sessions on Friday.

There are other small changes planned to start times over the course of the calendar, to avoid any potential clashes with other sport events, such as the football World Cup in Russia, which will clash with the return of the French GP on 24th GP, so that this race gets underway at 16h10 local time.

A suggestion so that you don't lose track of what's happening when on track: keep our 2018 Calendar and also download it onto your phone, either with the time schedules of all the races' weekends, or just choose your favourites. CLICK HERE!